About Us

Welcome to Physio Network, a project started to help practitioners keep up to date with the latest research and its clinical implications by having industry experts review the most relevant and recent studies in physiotherapy.


Who We Are

The directors of Physio Network have been sharing digital content deemed valuable to health care professionals for many years. You may recognise them as the administrators of these Facebook pages:

Our Mission

“To improve physiotherapy standards worldwide by helping practitioners not only keep up to date with, but understand the clinical implications of, the latest research in physiotherapy.”

Both research and clinical experience should inform our practice as physiotherapists. Clinical experience builds naturally over time from doing hands-on work. What often gets left behind is the research component. While most physiotherapists recognise the importance of keeping up to date with the latest evidence, it is not always possible to do so while managing patient loads. Our job is to make this process easy for you.

With new studies coming out every single day, we help you keep up to date with the research that matters by selecting 12 clinically relevant and recent articles from the preceding month, and having industry experts summarize and appraise the articles for you. This will ultimately help ensure that your clinical practice remains evidence-based and informed.


The Content

The monthly publication will review 12 studies in the areas of Musculoskeletal, Sport and Orthopaedics, including topics such as:

  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Manual therapy
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain science
  • And more!
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