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Anterior Knee Pain – A Test for Fat Pad Irritation

We as physical therapists are constantly seeing patients with anterior knee pain with a very vague history. Often times, there’s not a specific onset or…

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Have the butt muscles of the world gone silent?

From my extremely unscientific observation it appears that 67-74% of my patients have been told their glutes are inhibited and don’t work properly. It seems…

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The Two Most Common Misconceptions about the FMS

Over the past three years as part of my PhD, I’ve been researching the relationship between movement and injury. A recent Twitter discussion reminded me…

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Red Flags in Clinical Practice

“…something serious in the woodshed…” (Cyriax 1982) As clinicians, we deal with diagnostic uncertainty every day and we seek to minimise the risk of missing…

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Why A Quad Index Matters

I test the quads on every knee patient who is returning to sport. Actually, I test a lot of things but it all starts with…

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