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Rowing Out of the Abyss

Hi everyone! I just wanted to develop on an idea I have recently had and you may have seen it in one of my recent…

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The Importance Of Language

Following my first blog on concepts and the importance of their clarity, I thought that I would reflect on the meaning and perception of words from…

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What should healthcare professionals learn?

I was lucky enough to spend two days attending the Placebo Symposium in Sydney in November this year – what an experience! A lineup of…

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Best Practice Patient Education

As physiotherapists, most of us have realised that the most important, time consuming and arguably, the most rewarding aspects of our practice is providing ‘advice…

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Discs Don’t Slip DAMMIT

Intervertebral discs. The all-important mighty disc. The center of spine dysfunction. The bringer of pain. The elusive mystical creature that lives in your back and…

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