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At Physio Network, we are driven by the transformative power of knowledge. We are dedicated to advancing the field of physiotherapy and healthcare by offering better continuing education opportunities. Our commitment is to empower every healthcare professional we reach, enabling them to provide exceptional care to their patients. Through our pursuit of excellence in education, we envision a future where every patient benefits from the most informed, innovative, and inspired care, leading to swifter recoveries and enhanced well-being



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We provide a monthly review service featuring the latest and most clinically relevant research in physiotherapy.

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We provide in-depth online lectures from world-leading experts on a range of clinically relevant topics.

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Our growing selection of free resources are here for your benefit. They include:

  • Free research reviews
  • Blogs
  • Clinical pearls
  • Infographics
  • Audio reviews
  • Exclusive offers and more


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  • Physiotherapists
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  • Sports therapists
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  • Osteopaths
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Bring staff together to discuss recent research and facilitate professional development.

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