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How long does Achilles tendinopathy take to get better?

“How long is this going to take?” is the BIG question a lot of those suffering from Achilles tendinopathy want to know the answer to….

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Diagnosing painful musculoskeletal conditions: Is it absolutely necessary?

No one likes being in constant pain and often pain has an accompanying diagnosis to go along with it. In many cases this is absolutely…

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Tenderness to palpation predicts return to sport following acute hamstring strain

A recent study sought to determine whether you could predict return to sport following acute hamstring strain based on tenderness to palpation. Pretty interesting, right?…

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Exercise Considerations for Chronic Pain

There’s a been a lot of debate on social media recently (as of the time I’m writing this) regarding the topic of exercise for people…

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ACL rehab – Both sides of the coin

The Injury I have been intrigued in ACL rehab since suffering my niche combination of injuries. Although ACL injuries in young athletes are common, I…

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Nerve pain explained!

Many physios are confused about the definitions of nerve pain, and we don’t blame you. It can be confusing! This blog is meant to clear…

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Are scapular stabilization exercises needed for subacromial pain?

A recent study sought to determine the effect of adding scapular stabilization exercises to a progressive periscapular strengthening protocol on disability, pain, muscle strength, and…

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Can MRI predict the future for low back pain patients?

A recent study sought to determine the extent to which degenerative disc changes in young low back pain patients predict progression of degenerative changes, disability,…

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Students! We need to talk about burnout

Time flies..It’s crazy to think I graduated with my DPT one year ago which means I started PT school four years ago!! Over the years,…

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