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5 ways to bulletproof the hamstrings

Hamstring strains are one of the most common injuries in sport. Previous hamstring strain is a risk factor for future hamstring injury, so prevention is…

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Exercise ‘works’, but we have no idea how exercise works

Exercise is widely recommended for painful conditions, but many people in pain don’t respond well to exercise and we have no idea why. Through this…

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Non-specific low back pain exists. You just don’t want to admit it

Non specific low back pain is often a diagnosis that clinicians might feel sheepish about. As if they have failed. As if acknowledging uncertainty is…

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Is it time to put a hold on isometrics?

Back in 2015, a new paper hit the headlines when it reported a HUGE reduction in tendon pain with the use of isometric exercises (Rio…

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Looking at Pain From Different “Levels”

Pain can be a complex phenomenon, meaning that many different factors might contribute to pain, and that these factors can be interwoven in a way…

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Why Every Kid Should Play Multiple Sports

If you’ve been paying attention to youth sports over the last few decades, you’ve probably noticed a similar trend. Winter rolls around, and Little Johnny,…

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Barbells And Bone Health II: Osteoporosis

Meme courtesy of Before we begin – no this isn’t Star Wars where the installments are recorded out of order. The original Barbells and…

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Standing Posture, Hip Joint Loads & The Management of Hip Pain

In recent years, particularly in the social media sphere, there has been a lot of negative publicity directed towards management approaches for musculoskeletal pain that…

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Predictive Coding: Why Expectation Matters for Movement and Pain

Predictive coding is a fascinating model for perception that I have been studying lately. In some ways it is very common sense and intuitive, and…

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