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Epidural steroid injection for lumbar disc herniation in NFL athletes
Issue 10 (September 2018)
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Dr Fiona Wilson

Associate Professor, Physiotherapist, PhD
Dublin, Ireland

Dr Fiona Wilson is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Associate Professor in the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. She has 30 years postgraduate experience and has worked in practice in the UK, South Africa and Ireland. She practices clinically specializing in exercise approaches to management. She has worked with elite and international athletes throughout her career and was Lead Physiotherapist for Rowing Ireland for 10 years. She has published and presented widely in the area of sports and exercise including a book examining the role of exercise in musculoskeletal disorders. She is active in research in the area of sport and exercise medicine with a special focus on rowing and back pain and in athlete brain health with Leinster Rugby and Rugby Players Ireland.