Issue Content

Issue 11 (October 2018)
  1. Dr Teddy Willsey: Periodization in Physical Therapy
  2. Robin Kerr: Cauda Equina Syndrome
  3. Mick Hughes: Compensations in the Squat Post ACLR
  4. Dr Sarah Haag: How Beliefs Affect LBP
  5. Tom Goom: Strength and Running Injury Risk
  6. Todd Hargrove: Whats Works for Preventing Neck Pain?
  7. Mariana Wingood: Increasing Physical Activity in Elderly
  8. Stephen King: Workload-Injury Relationship
  9. Nicol van Dyk: Markers of Hamstring Rehab Progress
  10. Dr Sandy Hilton: Trigger Point Therapy for Chronic Pain
  11. Dr Tom Walters: Cervical Radiculopathy Distribution Patterns
  12. Dr Carlo Wood: Mechanics of Peripheral Nerve Collagen
Issue 10 (September 2018)
  1. Dr Sandy: Hilton Reframing treatment for MSK pain
  2. Sam Blanchard: The Athletic Shoulder isometric strength test
  3. Shruti Nambiar: Ankle sprains – diagnosis and treatment
  4. Travis Pollen: Core stability and lower limb injuries
  5. Dr Teddy Willsey: Preventing ACL injuries in female athletes
  6. Sam Spinelli: Regional interdependence in frozen shoulder
  7. Dr Fiona Wilson: Steroid injection for lumbar disc herniation
  8. Todd Hargrove: Analgesic illusion for knee OA
  9. Mariana Wingood: 3m backwards walk test and falls
  10. Linda Truong: Perceptions of ACL rehab in high school athletes
  11. Robin Kerr: ‘Strong back’ illusion for chronic LBP
  12. Dr Bronwyn: Thompson Self-efficacy in MSK rehab
Issue 9 (August 2018)
  1. Adam Johnson: Adductor strengthening program
  2. Dr Teddy Willsey: Injury prevention in throwing sports
  3. Dr Sandy Hilton: Impact of language in MSK rehab
  4. Todd Hargrove: Muscle guarding in Frozen Shoulder
  5. Christina Le: Surgical vs conservative management ACL
  6. Tom Goom: Clarifying the role of isometrics in Achilles tendinopathy
  7. Prof Nicola Phillips: Fatigue contribution to lower limb injury
  8. A/Prof Steve Kamper: K-Tape and Chronic Low Back Pain
  9. Dr Bart Dingenen: Can we blame hip strength for dynamic knee valgus?
  10. Mariana Wingood: Multi tasking ability & Dementia risk
  11. Dr Jarod Hall: Exercise considerations for Subacromial pain
  12. Robin Kerr: EMG activity and LBP in prolonged sitting
Issue 8 (July 2018)
  1. Dr Teddy Willsey: Achilles tendinopathy loading protocols
  2. Ben Cormack: MSK pain and exercise – challenging paradigms
  3. Robin Kerr: Foot strike & cadence in tibial stress fractures
  4. Todd Hargrove: Role and Value of Symptom-Modification Approaches
  5. Dr Carlo Wood: Measuring sciatic stiffness in CLBP related pain
  6. Dr Joanne Kemp: Predictors of outcomes in patients with FAI
  7. Stephen King: Expectancy – Its effect on symptoms & functional outcomes
  8. Mariana Wingood: Older adults & ability to perform a floor transfer
  9. Tom Goom: Overuse running injuries – 2 year prosp. cohort study
  10. Anthony Teoli: Prevalence of knee OA features in asymptomatic adults
  11. Dr Sandy Hilton: Sleep as a predictor of LBP and burnout symptoms
  12. Dr Sarah Haag: The Obturator Internus in pelvic floor function
Issue 7 (June 2018)
  1. Dr Teddy Willsey: Hamstring tendon tear rehabilitation
  2. Greg Dea: Y-balance and strength post ACLR
  3. Christina Le: Fear and performance/re-injury post ACLR
  4. Todd Hargrove: Tai Chi VS aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia
  5. Dr Sandy Hilton: Cervical spine degeneration: 20 year prospective study
  6. Tom Goom: Running with knee OA
  7. Shruti Nambiar: Clinical examination and management of groin pain
  8. Travis Pollen: Movement screens – movement dysfunction or skill?
  9. Dr Mary O’Keefe: Prevention and treatment of LBP
  10. Dr Nicholas Rolnick: Blood flow restriction in MSK rehab
  11. Mariana Wingood: Falls prevention in the community
  12. Sam Blanchard: Acute hip flexor/groin injury: MRI study in athletes
Issue 6 (May 2018)
  1. A/Prof Steve Kamper: Neurophysiological pain-ed for CLBP
  2. Scot Morrison: ACL patients don’t meet RTP criteria
  3. Dr Jean-Francois Esculier: Manual therapy for patellofemoral pain
  4. Dr Bronwyn Thompson: LBP – pulling it all together
  5. Linda Truong: 20yr follow up ACL with or without repair
  6. Mariana Wingood: Motor learning in the older adult
  7. Dr Jarod Hall: Spinal manipulations and pain
  8. Robin Kerr: Self management & chronic pain
  9. Tom Goom: Gluteal tendinopathy
  10. Dr Teddy Willsey: Screening for sports injury risk
  11. Dr Sandy Hilton: Cognitive functional therapy
  12. Todd Hargrove: Injury risk: Running volume VS intensity
Issue 5 (April 2018)
  1. Tom Goom: Psychological interventions to reduce injury
  2. Christina Le: Delaying ACL-R for exercise therapy
  3. Robin Kerr: What patients value most in a MSK consult
  4. Dr Sarah Haag: Psychosocial contributions to chronic pain
  5. Dr Teddy Willsey: Rotator cuff rehab instead of repair
  6. Simon Kirkegaard: Are red flags for LBP always red?
  7. Dr Carlo Wood: Sciatic nerve changes after slump technique
  8. Dr Sandy Hilton: McKenzie syndromes and BPS influences
  9. Mariana Wingood: Power testing in older adults
  10. Todd Hargrove: Carpal tunnel neurodynamics vs. sham
  11. Dr Bart Dingenen: Altered patella loading in PFP
  12. Ben Cormack: Physical activity & flare-ups in LBP
Issue 3 (February 2018)
  1. Dr Jarod Hall: Hip pain & muscle volume
  2. Robin Kerr: Workplace interventions for neck pain
  3. Mick Hughes: Analysis of hop test symmetry post ACL-R
  4. Stephen King: Hip strength & ankle sprains
  5. Tom Goom: Running & Strength training
  6. Christina Le: Neuromuscular training & injury prevention
  7. Todd Hargrove: Preventing injuries in children’s football
  8. Dr Bronwyn Thompson: Education & Chronic pain
  9. Dr Jean-Francois Esculier: Running shoes & soft tissues
  10. Dr Sandy Hilton: Sleep & pain
  11. Dr Teddy Willsey: Ankle dorsiflexion ROM
  12. Dr Carlo Wood: Cervical sagittal balance
Issue 2 (January 2018)
  1. Todd Hargrove: Neuromuscular training & knee injury
  2. Dr Teddy Willsey: Patellofemoral stress in running
  3. Tom Goom: Hip strength & running
  4. Shruti Nambiar: Hip ROM and groin pain
  5. Simon Kirkegaard: Lifting posture
  6. Dr Carlo Wood: Sciatic nerve neurodynamics
  7. Sandesh: Preventing ankle sprains
  8. Dr Sarah Haag: Female urinary incontinence
  9. Dr Bart Dingenen: Return to sport after ACL injury
  10. Travis Pollen: Rehab after ACL reconstruction
  11. Robin Kerr: MRI findings and back pain
  12. Dr Jean-Francois Escullier: Diagnosing patellofemoral pain
Issue 1 (December 2017)
  1. Dr Tom Walters: Carpal tunnel median nerve mobilisation
  2. Stephen King: Measuring thoracic rotation
  3. Shruti Nambiar: Effectiveness of neural mobilisation
  4. Ben Cormack: High vs. Low load for rotator cuff tendinopathy
  5. Robin Kerr: Sitting posture
  6. Steve Kamper: Sleep quality and LBP association.
  7. Simon Kirkegaard: Arthroscopic decompression for shoulder pain
  8. Mariana Wingood: Determining falls risks
  9. Anthony Teoli: Weight loss and knee OA progression
  10. Dr Sandy Hilton: Myofascial release in MSK pain
  11. Greg Dea: Lumbar multifidus activation time
  12. Tom Goom: Wearable devices for prevention and rehabilitation