Articles by Adam Johnson

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(Golden Oldie) Connective tissue injury in calf muscle tears and return to play: MRI correlation
Issue 73 (December 2023)
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Modulating the Nordic hamstring exercise from ‘zero to hero’ – a stepwise progression explored in a high-performance athlete
Issue 59 (October 2022)
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Adam Johnson

Everton Football Club

Adam has worked in full time football for over eleven seasons now at Reading FC, Millwall FC, Brighton & Hove Albion FC and Stoke City FC in both academy and first team environments. He is currently working as First Team Physiotherapist at Everton FC which involves providing injury rehabilitation support to the first team players at the club. This and previous roles have led to an interest in injury prevention strategies, and more specifically hamstring injury prevention and understanding the current relevant literature. Adam has also shown a strong desire to develop himself and others around him by guest lecturing at a number of different Universities and having articles published in peer reviewed journals.