Ashish Dev Gera

Ashish’s multi-disciplinary and integrative approach comes from an unusual professional background which includes simultaneously juggling patients in intensive care units at Delhi’s most prestigious private hospital, to state level football teams & managing his own department at a world renowned wellness retreat work for which he has been acknowledged in Conde Nast Traveller USA. The foundation of his approach is patient education: via simple to understand methods and movement strategies, he empowers each patient to locate their own sense of autonomy over their condition, and judges his success not by how often patients come back, but how much they stay away from his clinic. He is relentless in not allowing fear-mongering, nor the formality of diagnostic language to intimidate patients, instead encouraging an embracing of the myriad idiosyncrasies of the human body and working with our healing powers. A keen learner, he is also very passionate about improving the standards of physiotherapy in India and is a mentor for the Level Up Initiative mentorship program (Boston, USA) for their Indian cohort. He currently lives in Dehradun, India and can be reached via