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Dr Henry Wajswelner

Specialist Physiotherapist, PhD

Henry graduated in 1980 and began his physiotherapy career on rotation at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Henry completed the Australian College of Physiotherapy Fellowship exams in 2007, being one of the first to qualify as an APA Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy. His doctoral research thesis was a randomized controlled trial of Clinical Pilates versus General Exercise in the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain. He also has 13 peer –reviewed publications and several book chapters in the area of sports physiotherapy. Henry has been on the Australian Olympic Team with Rowing as his specialty sport, and still travels in support of Australian rowing teams. He obtained his Clinical Doctorate from the University of Melbourne in 2011. He was also 4th year Co-ordinator on the University of Melbourne Physiotherapy Program for 9 years and in 2011 he was appointed Course Co-ordinator for the Master of Sports Physiotherapy program at Latrobe University, a perfect fit for his desire to teach other physiotherapists what he has learnt.