Articles by Dr Julia Treleaven

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The effects of exercise dosage on neck-related pain and disability: a systematic review with meta-analysis
Issue 37 (December 2020)
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Dose-response of resistance training for neck-and shoulder pain relief: a workplace intervention study
Issue 34 (September 2020)
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Dr Julia Treleaven

Physiotherapist, PhD
Brisbane, Australia

Julia is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Queensland. She has been researching neck pain since 2000 and in 2004 completed her PhD focusing on the necks influence on sensorimotor control. She has continued her research in this area in idiopathic neck pain, headache, and post concussion. She has over 90 publications in this area, written several book chapters and is an author of the book “Management of neck disorders- an evidenced based approach”. Julia works part- time as a physiotherapist in a private practice managing patients such as those with, whiplash, cervicogenic dizziness and post concussion syndrome.