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Keeping up to date with the latest evidence in physiotherapy is no easy task


Thousands of research papers are published every month


Access to them is expensive


Clinically relevant papers are hard to find


Analysing and interpreting the full text takes a lot of time

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What people are saying about Physio Network


Dr Xiaoqi Chen


Physio Network is a gift for all rehabilitation specialists in a world where we are now inundated with information from everywhere on the internet as we strive to be evidence-based practitioners. It can be quite difficult to decide which material to trust, pursue and apply our knowledge clinically, and Physio Network has made our job a lot easier. I commend the immense effort of its creators to have produced this “one-stop shop” for good quality rehabilitation related education content.


Edward Gellert


Physio Network is the most convenient way to keep up with your PD! A monthly dose to keep you across all the relevant topics, and challenge your current thoughts and knowledge. Would highly recommend!


Peter O'Sullivan

Professor and Specialist MSK Physiotherapist - Curtin University, Bodylogic Physiotherapy, West Australia

We are swamped with new research every day and its so hard to identify the gold from the nonsense - let alone understand what it means for us as clinicians! Having a trusted source that identifies high quality research, extracts the key aspects and then translates it to the clinical world it is so important. Physio-Network does this very well - support it!


Christopher Johnson

Physical Therapist & Clinical Educator

Keeping up with research these days is next to impossible. Thanks to the Physio Network, we can now access a platform that streamlines meaningful information from experts in the field in a timely manner. The end game is tapping the best available literature on short notice while being able to synthesize and translate it into clinical practice. To this end, the Physio Network has met and surpassed expectations! Im really proud and honored to be a part of this community and contribute where I can. Onward!

Current problems with online Physiotherapy education

  • It is out of date
  • It is not clinically relevant
  • It is expensive
  • Don't know who to trust

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