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The Masterclasses have been of immense value for my clinical reasoning.

Luke Murray


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Sciatica is weird, confusing and unpredictable - to both clinicians and patients. This e-book teaches you what is happening when your patients have sciatica, so that you can be the confident, steady and insightful clinician they need.

It covers:

  • Relevant anatomy
  • What causes radicular pain
  • How discs get injured and how they degenerate
  • Types of herniation and disc resorption
  • Sciatica treatment, and more!
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Erik Thoomes
Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy: Assessment and Treatment Strategies
Stuart Imer
Assessment and Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain in Youth Athletes
Angela Jackson
Mastering Groin Pain: From Injury to Return-to-Play
Dr Stacey Hardin
Treating tactical personnel
Professor Rob Orr
Anterior Thigh Injuries: From Assessment to Rehab
Adam Johnson
Nutrition 101 for Physiotherapists
Ben Steele-Turner
Mastering Adolescent Knee Pain: A comprehensive guide to Patellofemoral pain and joint instability
Claire Patella
Spine-related leg pain: from root causes to treatment strategies
Charlie Clements
Hip Osteoarthritis: Optimising your Assessment and Treatment
Dr Joanne Kemp
Vestibular Dysfunction: From Assessment to Rehabilitation
Vanessa Simpson
The missing link in patient engagement: Behavioural economics and psychologically-informed techniques
Mike Studer
The practice-changing principles of strength & conditioning for physios
Dr Claire Minshull
Non-surgical Management of ACL Tears
Dr Kieran Richardson
Treating the unstable shoulder
Anju Jaggi
Navigating Ethical Issues in a world of Ethical Mess
Dr Katie O'Shea
Gluteal Tendinopathy: More than Just a Pain in the Butt!
Dr Henry Wajswelner
Assessment and Treatment of Cervicogenic Dizziness
Dr Julia Treleaven
Hamstring strain injury: Translating research into practice
Dr Matthew Bourne
The Mindfulness Revolution: Current Evidence and Practical Applications for Pain and Stress Management
Shrey Vazir
Low back pain, movement, and posture… how do they relate?
Dr Kevin Wernli
Iliotibial Band Pain: practical strategies for treating runners
Dr Rich Willy
Frozen Shoulder–Unravelling the Enigma
Dr Angela Cadogan
Concussion: Assessment and Treatment
Mike Studer
A framework for optimising the patient interview & clinical outcomes
Dr Tim Mitchell
Assessing, managing & rehabilitating ACL injuries
Dr Hege Grindem
The elbow demystified
Dr Val Jones
Assessing and managing growth related injuries
Sam Blanchard
Exercise prescription for aging adults
Dr Mariana Wingood
Injury prevention: theory into practice
Dr Travis Pollen

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Why physios love our Masterclasses


Joe Rook

MSc Physiotherapist

I like having a single resource where I can receive structured high quality learning in the form of video courses. I've found the courses extremely useful for my clinical practice and often recommend Physio Network to friends.


Luke Murray


The Masterclasses have been of immense value for my clinical reasoning. They have challenged me to think more deeply about different topics along with practical applications which have improved my patient outcomes.


Dr Xiaoqi Chen


It can be quite difficult to decide which material to trust, pursue and apply our knowledge clinically, and Physio Network has made our job a lot easier.


Ashley Page


The masterclasses are excellent - easy to follow and in nice modules to keep you engaged.


Ellie Cook


I love being able to test my learning with the quizzes, and how easy it is to track my progress as I work through the classes.

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