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Staying on top of the research in physical therapy is no easy task

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Studies we reviewed in September


Exercise vs Surgery for Large Rotator Cuff Tears

Jared Powell

Benefits of Manual Therapy for Knee/Hip OA

Dr Joanne Kemp

Non-operative Management of Disc Herniations

Dr Sarah Haag

Heavy Slow Resistance for Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy

Todd Hargrove

The Knee Extension Prone Test

Dr Travis Pollen

Copenhagen Adduction Exercise Adaptations

Dr Teddy Willsey

Exercise Therapy for Whiplash

Dr Julia Treleaven

Does Balance Training Reduce Ankle Injury Rates?

Dr Chris Bleakley

Management of Non-traumatic Wrist Pain

Ian Gatt

Physical Interventions for Concussion

Shruti Nambiar

How Footwear Selection Influences Running Injury

Tom Goom

Coaching Protocol to Enhance Exercise Self-Efficacy

Dr Mariana Wingood

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Leicester City

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Ned Mills


It’s just class! Love backing up my practice with lots of literature and this gives me loads of that stuff. Saves me having to read a full article if I need information quickly.


Elaine Leijser


A really useful resource. Time saving and easy to use.


Christine Fletcher

Senior Physiotherapist

Physio Network does an amazing job of delivering up to date, easily accessible and Physio specific reviews on current research. It’s an invaluable asset for any Physiotherapist today.


Dr. Luke Perraton


I am very grateful for Physio network for providing us with a simple and affordable way to access, understand and apply the latest physiotherapy research.

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