Lateral epicondylitis of the elbow

Review written by Shruti Nambiar info

Key Points

  1. Lateral epicondylitis (LE)/lateral elbow tendinopathy/tennis elbow is the most common lateral elbow pain disorder, affecting both genders equally between their third and fifth decade.
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Lateral epicondylitis (LE) causes pain and functional limitations due to common wrist extensor tendinopathy, and commonly affects the working-age population (1). The side of the dominant hand is most often affected (1). Despite the plethora of available treatment options, there is a lack of an evidence-based multimodal treatment program (2). This study aimed to provide a detailed summary on the current knowledge of the aetiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, imaging and treatment options for LE.

Lateral epicondylitis most commonly affects the workingage population.
Whatever stage the condition is at, tendinopathy treatment principles of load management and gradually improving load tolerance should form the foundation of lateral epicondylitis management.


This literature review was based on information extracted from a wide range of research studies. The review included data from over 50 references.

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