Systematic video analysis of ACL injuries in professional male football (soccer): injury mechanisms, situational patterns and biomechanics study on 134 consecutive cases

Review written by Dr Linda Truong info

Key Points

  1. The majority of ACL injuries occur during non-contact or indirect contact mechanisms in male football players.
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Despite a substantial effort invested into injury prevention, it is estimated that one ACL injury occurs every two years across professional football teams (1), and one ACL injury occurs in every 50 male athletes (2). Identifying biomechanical and situational factors that contribute to ACL injury may provide us with a better understanding of how to reduce these injuries. Therefore, this study aimed to describe the mechanisms, situational patterns and biomechanics related to ACL injury in professional, male football players.

One ACL injury occurs in every 50 male athletes.
If an athlete is returning from an ACL injury, a gradual introduction to pressing/tackling plays should be taken to potentially prevent increased exposure to these high-risk situations.


ACL injuries were identified through online database resources consisting of Italian professional male football teams across 10 seasons. ACL injuries had to be confirmed by the medical staff of the team to be included. Video footage was obtained and analysis

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