From protection to non‐protection: a mixed methods study investigating movement, posture and recovery from disabling low back pain

Review written by Dr Sarah Haag info

Key Points

  1. Helping people with low back pain move towards being less protective may be an effective way to address low back pain.
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Low back pain (LBP) is the most disabling health condition globally. Improved posture and proper body mechanics are often recommended to address LBP. However, the impact of LBP has not diminished with the application of “improved posture and body mechanics”.

This study aimed to understand how people with persistent, disabling LBP conceptualize relationships between movement, posture, psychological factors, and activity limitation and how this conceptualization changes following an individualized, multi-dimensional intervention.

Correcting posture and body mechanics has not resulted in a dramatic decrease in low back pain.
Introducing the concepts of conscious and nonconscious non-protection into common clinical practice may positively impact outcomes for people with low back pain.


  • A pre-post triangulation convergent mixed methods design was used to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative approaches in the context of an existing replicated single-case design study.
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