Differences in recovery of tendon health explained by midportion achilles tendinopathy subgroups: a 6-month follow-up.

Review written by Dr Seth O’Neill info

Key Points

  1. 4 subgroups exist in people with mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy.
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Hanlon et al (2023) previously identified that there are three sub-groups of Achilles tendinopathy patients in a study on patients with mid-portion and Achilles tendinopathy. This paper was previously reviewed for PhysioNetwork and can be viewed in Issue 60 (November 2022).

Since the identification of these sub-groups Hanlon and colleagues (2023) set out to identify the clinical outcomes (trajectories) with normal care for these individuals. And verify the subgroups in a cohort of patients with mid-portion tendinopathy alone.

It has been identified that there are three sub-groups of Achilles tendinopathy patients.
A key message from this paper is informing patients that rehab may take 6-12 months as recovery is incomplete at earlier time points.


The study used a prospective cohort design to answer the questions. 114 people were recruited, and they had a full assessment including patient reported outcome measures, clinical exam, tendon structure measures using ultrasound imaging and continuous shear wave elastography alongside

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