Education and exercise supplemented by a pain-guided hopping intervention for male recreational runners with midportion Achilles tendinopathy: A single cohort feasibility study

Review written by Tom Goom info

Key Points

  1. A progressive rehabilitation programme that includes hopping may be feasible for Achilles tendinopathy
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Achilles tendinopathy is common, especially in runners. The function of the stretch- shortening cycle (SSC) is vital in this group. SSC dysfunction is a feature of Achilles tendinopathy (AT) and can persist despite current exercise programmes. A concern with adding plyometric exercise to treatment is that it can be provocative for tendon pain. However, continuing sport activity (including plyometrics) has not been found to be detrimental in AT when symptoms remain within acceptable limits (1). This study sought to appraise the feasibility of adding a structured hopping programme to progressive loading in male runners with midportion AT to see if it is safe and able to improve outcomes.

Continuing sport activity has not been found to be detrimental in Achilles tendinopathy when symptoms remain within acceptable limits.
Isometric loading, heavy slow resistance training and plyometrics have the potential to reduce pain, improve strength and address power/plyometric deficits in Achilles tendinopathy.


The study design was a single cohort feasibility study, with a view to performing an adequately powered randomised trial. Subjects were included if they were male with midportion AT (confirmed by ultrasound), aged 20 to 60, with moderate to high

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