The assessment, management and prevention of calf muscle strain injuries: a qualitative study of the practices and perspectives of 20 expert sports clinicians

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Key Points

  1. This qualitative study interviewed 20 expert sports clinicians on assessment and management of calf muscle strains.
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When it comes to muscle injury research, the hamstrings tend to hog the limelight. By comparison, calf injuries receive far less attention despite their prevalence across a range of sports (1). As a result, there is little guidance from the literature on best management of Calf Muscle Strain Injuries (CMSI). This qualitative study sought to address this by interviewing expert sport clinicians to examine their views on assessment and management of CMSI, including return to sport and how calf injuries may be prevented.

Calf injuries receive less attention in muscle injury research despite their prevalence across a range of sports.
The specifics of exactly what is included in rehab will vary from person to person, but the underlying principles will remain.


20 expert clinicians who work in elite sport and/or are clinician-researchers who specialize in a relevant field were recruited for the study. This included participants from a range of countries and sports to minimize bias and ensure diversity of knowledge

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