The 10 Commandments of Physiotherapy

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A lot of social media posts these days focus on telling clinicians what NOT to do. While this can be helpful, many practitioners are left wondering – what SHOULD I do?

So here’s our list of 10 commandments to live by if you want to be a great Physio!

1. You shall treat both the diagnosis AND the person.

2. You shall empower the patient to take control of their rehabilitation by educating them about optimal management.

3. You shall help the patient return to tasks or physical activities that are meaningful TO THEM.

4. You shall promote an active approach to rehab, and encourage the patient to be active in whatever ways they enjoy the most.

5. You shall gently try to alter any negative or damaging beliefs or expectations the patient has about their injury/rehab.

6. You shall promote the strength, resilience and adaptability of the human body, not paint it as fragile.

7. You shall use manual therapy when appropriate, especially if it helps the patient to move with less pain.

8. You shall, in the words of one of God’s disciples Dr Greg Lehman, follow the treatment philosophy – “calm shit down, build shit back up”.

9. You shall actively listen to what the patient has to say and SHOW that you care.

10. You shall keep up to date and remain evidence-based.

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