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Designing rehabilitation programs for athletes or highly active patients can be a challenging process. This Masterclass aims to equip you with the knowledge to write optimal rehab programs for your patients. It takes you through the underlying physiology that underpins rehab programs, as well as the key variables that should be manipulated in a rehab program. It then brings this all together in an interesting case study to demonstrate an example of an entire rehab program. Finally, this Masterclass also focuses on how rehab programs should be altered when working with youth athletes, and how to manage athletes with injuries during the tricky in-season period.


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Sam Blanchard is a physiotherapist working in full time elite sport, having worked in multiple team based sports in the UK and the USA. He is a published author of theoretical models for rehabilitation as well as a contributing author in Clinical Sports Medicine 5th edition.

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Runtime: 19:52
Open Module

In this module we look at the physiological principles that should underpin our rehabilitation programs. Understanding the structures and systems that are affected by exercise mechanisms will help to build your clinical reasoning. We will look at energy systems, the role of the sarcomere and how that can be influenced by different contraction types, we will also explore length tension curves and rate of force development.

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Runtime: 24:00
Open Module

There are many variables that can be manipulated within rehab, so we take a look at some of the key ones and provide a framework for reasoning that can then be applied to any variable. The webinar starts off by introducing POLICE and Optimal Load, how skill level can be affected by injury and then outlining a theoretical model of rehabilitation for a single exercise. Variables covered in this lecture include “contraction types”, “Planes of movement”, “stimuli and cues” and “stability”.

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Program design

Runtime: 17:20
Open Module

This webinar moves on step from single exercise progression to outline ways of designing an entire rehab program. From setting out your goals and objectives, to planning your outcome measures and then producing a rehab worksheet for your patients. This webinar includes discussion on manipulating “time under tension” and how to choose your “Reps and Sets”

NB: Tables and graphics can be downloaded with high resolution in your class documents.

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Case study

Runtime: 19:20
Open Module

An opportunity to bring all of the above webinars together to demonstrate a rehabilitation program using a case study. This webinar provides examples of rehabilitation progression, using a “golden thread” that should be visible in your rehab programs and exercise selection.

NB: Tables and graphics can be downloaded with high resolution in your class documents.

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Young athletes

Runtime: 25:49
Open Module

Exercise selection, injury presentation and clinical reasoning all change when working with a younger population. This webinar explores some of those differences and provides some insight into athletic development in adolescents. We cover discussion points of sensorimotor changes throughout growth, how simple balance exercises can be harder as a teen, and the difference between tendinopathy and growth related enthesiopathy.

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Mid-season management

Runtime: 32:00
Open Module

Not all injuries require removal from training and some people can continue to compete whilst managing an injury. This webinar looks at three example injuries to provide clinical reasoning for mid-competiton management for a hip joint pathology, a shoulder pathology and how to load a painful reactive tendon during competition.

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