Great Hip Mobility Moves

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Written by Dr Jacob Harden info

Most people want to have more hip mobility. And the motions most of you are restricted in is rotation. Now, not everyone needs to be able to fold over into pigeon, but we should have some basic control of our hip motion. So let’s keep it active tonight and work those hips.

These moves (largely from the FRC system) work on ACTIVE mobility in the hips. What that means is that you are using your own muscular effort and strength to create the positions. We do that because we want to not just be flexible, but also control our joints throughout our ranges of motion. So here are your moves…

  • Internal rotation hip lifts
  • External rotation hip lifts
  • Assisted shin box transfers
  • Unassisted shin box transfers with reach
  • Shin box hip lifts








Add some of these moves into your next warm up and see how your hips feel when you go train, 10 to 15 per side on each one.

Want to learn more about hip pain?

Jo Kemp has done a Masterclass lecture series for us on:

“Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS)”

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  • Trey Lane

    Awesome ideas for dynamic hip mobility. will be keeping this one in my back pocket for the appropriate patients. It’s one thing to get the motion but it’s a whole different level to be able to actually use it. As a current SPT, my thought would be that yes hip internal rotation seems to be limited in a lot of the population from a joint perspective, but also some of the internal rotators (specifically the tfl and adductor group) tend to be rather overactive as we already spend most of our time in hip flexion these days. I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you think there is a cost-benefit relationship on using regularly overactive muscles to gain hip mobility that people tend to not have.


    Trey Lane

    Trey Lane | 02 October 2019 | Likes

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