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Inspiring Women In PT: Clare Ardern

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Written by Dr. Clare Ardern info

Inspiring Women in PT is an opportunity to acknowledge some truly incredible women in the field of physical therapy. Women who are pushing our profession forward, and deserve to be widely recognised for their efforts. We have interviewed some amazing female physios to find out their ‘why’, as well as some gems of wisdom they have gained throughout their careers. Each month we will introduce you to a different physical therapist and get to know more about them and what makes them tick. We are honoured to put together this initiative with one of the most influential female physios in the profession, Dr. Karen Litzy.

Here is part 2, featuring Physiotherapist, JOSPT Editor-in-Chief and researcher, Clare Arnern – enjoy!

Affiliation & Location (business, university, hospital, etc)

Linköping University, Sweden

Can you describe a challenge in your career and what you learned from it?

Social media trolling. I learned that there are many steadfast, kind folks who care. We usually have many more supporters than we realise.

Name one accomplishment you are particularly proud of and why.

Becoming the first woman editor-in-chief of Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. I have the honour and privilege to lead and inspire the next generation of clinician researchers to do our best for our patients and athletes.

Can you name a mentor, colleague, professor, etc that changed the way you practice? If so, tell us about it!

Prof. Karim Khan taught me to listen better – I’m a better researcher, better friend and better person for it!

How do you stay up to date with the latest evidence in physical therapy, and why do you believe that is important?

I’m fortunate that my position as editor-in-chief of JOSPT affords me the privilege of getting an ‘advance copy’ of what’s going on in physical therapy research! Staying current with evidence is an important way to help us help our patients and athletes.

Knowing where you are in your life and your career what advice would you give to your younger self?

Your decisions to move/live far from home are the right ones – continue to back yourself 🙂

Scenario question: You have been invited to speak at a conference but are unable to attend. Is there a #womeninPT you would suggest to take your place? If so who would that be and why?

Dr. Hege Grindem. A humble leader with a deep understanding of clinical research and clinical practice, and how one cannot be quality without the other. A hard-working, honest and reflective person who is always striving to do the best for her patient athletes.

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