The 10 essential skills every modern physiotherapist needs to thrive

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Hello, fellow physiotherapists.

It’s important to stay up-to-date so that you can improve your knowledge, and ultimately stay at the top of your game.

Here are the top 10 skills that every modern physiotherapist must have to succeed.


1. Clinical Reasoning at the Heart of Our Practice

A skilled physiotherapist is distinguished from a mere “technician” by their ability to use clinical reasoning. This skill is essential for us to be able to assess our patients correctly and then tailor our treatment plans accordingly.

You might be interested in our new service called Practicals by Physio Network if you want to improve your clinical reasoning. It provides high-quality recorded video sessions that feature world-leading experts in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

These videos will give you valuable insights into the thought processes of these experts and how they go about their assessment and treatments. You also get the chance to ask each expert questions in a live Q&A session that follows each Practical, and get direct feedback from them.

See an example of a Practical, here on assessment of hip pain with Dr. Jo Kemp:

2. Empathy Communication: More than Words

As physiotherapists we don’t just treat conditions. We also treat people.

Listening actively and understanding the fears, concerns and goals of our patients is essential to good communication.


3. Exercise Prescription: A Key to Tailored Rehabilitation

It is essential that we prescribe the correct exercise regimens to our patients. Understanding a patient’s capabilities and goals, as well as their condition and limitations, helps us design safe and effective exercise programs to promote health and speed up recovery.

Practicals by Physio Network can help refine this important aspect of your practice. Our expanding library of Practical video sessions not only lets you see top experts treat specific conditions, but it also helps you develop your practical skills by learning how to prescribe exercises like the experts do. The service also offers new Practicals each month to keep you up-to-date with the most common conditions you see in the clinic. Like hip pain, shoulder pain or ACL injury.

See an example of a Practical – specifically on management of elbow pain with Dr. Leanne Bisset:

4. Patient Education: Empowering through Knowledge

Our role is to empower our patients by educating them about their condition and recovery.

The program encourages the patient to take an active part in his or her rehabilitation.


5. Technology Adaptation – Embracing Digital Age

Being tech-savvy in the digital age is not optional. Adapting telehealth platforms to new rehabilitation technologies and enhancing our practice can improve patient care.


6. Interprofessional Collaboration for the Best Patient Care

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the focus has increasingly shifted towards patient-centered care.

This approach requires a collaborative model, where different professionals work together to deliver the most comprehensive and effective care.

In physiotherapy, this means interacting and collaborating with a diverse team of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and sometimes even psychologists or social workers.


7. Research Literacy: Staying informed and evidence-based

We can provide treatment based on the latest evidence by staying on top of the latest research.

This is a difficult task but one that’s absolutely essential to our profession.


8. Respect and Understanding our Patients: Cultural Competence

Each patient is different.

The therapist-patient relational experience can be greatly enhanced by recognizing and respecting cultural diversity.


9. We are always learning: growing with our profession

The physiotherapy field is constantly evolving.

We can adapt to changing needs and deliver the best care by learning continuously.


10. Self-care: An essential part of our professional life

We can’t care for others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. This includes managing our stress and maintaining physical health.

These ten skills, in conclusion, are essential for any modern physiotherapist. These skills not only allow us to stay on top of our profession, but also help us provide the best possible care to our patients. Are you ready to learn and grow?

Join us on this exciting journey!

What have we missed?

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