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Nerve pain explained!

Written by Physio Network

Many physios are confused about the definitions of nerve pain, and we don’t blame you. It can be confusing!

This blog is meant to clear up some of that confusion.


Below are some basic definitions:


Radicular pain

= pain caused by a problem at the nerve root


= weakness, numbness (loss of function) caused by a problem at the nerve root

= often together (“painful radiculopathy”) but not always!


= old fashioned word for radicular pain

Referred pain

= pain from a problem in a muscle, joint etc. that is felt in a different place to where the problem is


= when a nerve is sensitive to movement


Does it make more sense now? Hopefully this short read helped clear up a few things!

Want to learn more?

The definitions above are taken from our Masterclass on Assessing and managing radicular pain with Tom Jesson. You can watch the whole thing here + lots of other classes.

Want to learn more about nerve pain?

Tom Jesson has done a Masterclass lecture series for us!

‘Assessing and managing radicular pain’ – 2 hours of clinical gold.

You can watch it now with our 7-day free trial!

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