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ACL Surgery – No Longer Kneeded?

The best way for clinician-readers to answer a specific question like this is through systematic reviews and meta-analyses, where the highest standard of empirical evidence…

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ACL Coping – We Need To Do Better

Hopefully by now you know that reconstruction is not the only way to deal with ACL injuries. There is robust evidence to show that those…

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Why Quads Matter in ACL Rehabilitation

This piece was originally written for Premax’s blog and shared here with permission – Enjoy the read! As a person works their way through ACL…

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Open & Closed Chain Exercises post ACL reconstruction

Mick Hughes is one of Physio Networks ACL specialists. He has recently devoted his time to create an excellent tool for therapists to use when rehabbing people who…

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When can I Return to Sport after ACL Injury?

This was originally posted on Mick Hughes’ blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! This question is one that I get asked often by…

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