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Are scapular stabilization exercises needed for subacromial pain?

A recent study sought to determine the effect of adding scapular stabilization exercises to a progressive periscapular strengthening protocol on disability, pain, muscle strength, and…

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An Update on Diagnosing SLAP tears

Diagnosing a SLAP tear is not easy We hear a lot about trying to diagnose shoulder pain and to be as specific as possible. It’s…

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Hanging for Shoulder Health and Function

If I had to pick one physical activity that is healthy for human beings, and which they don’t do very much, it would be hanging….

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Is Early Physical Therapy Safe After a Rotator Cuff Repair?

Physical therapy is vital after a rotator cuff repair and continues to be common in an outpatient setting. Unfortunately, there’s no true consensus on when…

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Return to Sport in Overhead Athletes

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with overhead athletes in general and handball players in particular for the past 18 years. The…

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