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Reasoning Dosage for Persistent Pain: An update.

We’ve all seen that familiar face pulled by people living with persistent pain who are being asked to exercise for the first time. Exercise can…

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What 3 Hybrid Physical Therapists and Strength Coaches Want You to Know About Pain, Exercise, & Movement

If there’s one thing the media (social media in particular) has taught us, it’s that everyone has an opinion on everything. It’s become frighteningly easy…

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Pain Education – How much neuroscience do you really need?

This was originally posted on Ben Cormack’s blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! Pain education has for many become an integral part of…

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All you ever wanted to know about back pain

Both misunderstood and mismanaged, low back pain is a huge source of suffering for many people worldwide. Here’s the up-to-date knowledge on the condition and…

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Cognitive Functional Therapy

This was originally posted on Joletta Belton’s blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! I recently attended the third annual San Diego Pain Summit (I’ve been…

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