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When does biomechanics matter?

Side note:I originally wrote this for my blog in 2017. Greg Lehman has put a brilliant article of a similar name out for Physiotherapy Network….

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Standing Posture, Hip Joint Loads & The Management of Hip Pain

In recent years, particularly in the social media sphere, there has been a lot of negative publicity directed towards management approaches for musculoskeletal pain that…

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Iliotibial Band Pain in the Runner Part 1: Etiology and Assessment

This is the first of two-part series by Rich Willy, PT, PhD, on Iliotibial band (ITB) pain. ITB pain is a common injury in runners,…

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Why should exercises be pain-free? Part 1 – pain and biomechanics

Introduction The blog aims to take a look at exercise prescription for MSK pain. Why do we prescribe exercises the way we do? What does…

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The REAL Truth About Pain Science & Body Mechanics: A Response to Criticism

Joel Seedman, a personal trainer, recently wrote an article called the The Truth about Pain Science and Biomechanics, which presents a lengthy attack on β€œpain…

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