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The Serious Consequences of Recovery From Surgery and Inactivity

Injuries happen. Planned or unplanned surgery might put us in bed for a while. Do you really need that brace? What are the consequences of…

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What can we learn from the Telehealth move?

I am writing this in the midst of the COVID19 Pandemic that has shocked the world and is one of the biggest tests for our…

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Is there a connection between nutrition and physical therapy outcomes?

Whether a patient presents with an acute injury, be it iatrogenic or accidental, or a condition that has led to gradual tissue degeneration, part of…

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Bring focus To The Interaction

It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog post and I’d like to thank the Physio Network for inviting me to contribute. In this…

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Best Practice Patient Education

As physiotherapists, most of us have realised that the most important, time consuming and arguably, the most rewarding aspects of our practice is providing ‘advice…

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