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Push to Pull Strength Ratio: Should You Pull Double What You Press?

For the last few years now I’ve been teaching a workshop called Better Back Rows, which is all about helping fitness professionals understand how to…

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The Serious Consequences of Recovery From Surgery and Inactivity

Injuries happen. Planned or unplanned surgery might put us in bed for a while. Do you really need that brace? What are the consequences of…

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Is Strength Important In Rehabilitation? Establishing the Priority

Is strength important in rehabilitation? Sure it is, isn’t it? This week we’re going to discuss perhaps just how important it is relative to other…

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How to Avoid Detraining And Limit Strength Losses In Lockdown

This blog is going take a detailed look at how to avoid detraining and limit strength losses in lockdown, plus a little on hypertrophy. Effects…

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