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“What Running Shoes Do You Think I Should Buy?”

Pseudoscience is rife in the sporting world, with no better example than the myths and fallacies surrounding the not so humble running shoe. Mountains of…

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Exercises for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (AKA ‘Shin Splints’)

It’s easy to talk generally with rehab, ‘strengthen x,y and z’, improve movement control etc but we don’t often expand on what exactly this means….

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Plantar Fasciopathy (AKA plantar fasciitis)

This is a blog by @MichaelRathleff With an introduction by Tom Goom @TomGoom Originally posted on the Running Physio blog – enjoy! Plantar fasciopathy can…

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All New (& Uninjured) Runners Should Wear Stability Shoes

We are proud to welcome this guest blog by Ian Griffiths. Ian is a Podiatrist with a Masters degree in Sports Injury. He has maintained…

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