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5 reasons to heel strike!

I continue to read that heel striking is bad for you. Here are 5 reasons, based on science, it simply.. is not! As always.. please…

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Reconciling Spinal Flexion and Pain: We are all doomed to failure but perhaps it doesn’t matter

How is that for a title? A major concern of strength coaches, physiotherapists and other health care professionals is teaching people to NOT bend their…

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When Does Biomechanics Matter?

I am a biopsychosocialist. I believe that biomechanics often matter for those in pain. These two statements do not conflict. Below I will lay out…

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Butt Wink Is Not About The Hamstrings

Squats are awesome. Whether they’re loaded using a barbell in a back or front squat, with a dumbbell or kettlebell in a goblet squat, or…

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Is it Safe to Squat Deep?

There aren’t many topics that divide physios more than squat depth and it’s relationship with injury. In this post I want to present an evidence-based…

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Is it Safe for Knees to Pass Toes During a Squat

One of the biggest training myths out there is that the knees shouldn’t travel forward past the toes during a squat, otherwise your knees will…

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