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How Much Should You Train During Injury?

Most of the issues I deal with when managing people with injuries stem from them not having the right information. You can find the heart…

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Proximal Rectus Femoris Rehab Ideas

I recently published this video to discuss some rehabilitation ideas for proximal rectus femoris injuries and the response has been fantastic. However, a common question that…

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Calf muscle rehabilitation post Achilles tendon rupture

The optimal treatment for every individual patient with an Achilles tendon rupture is still unknown. The incidence of Achilles tendon ruptures is rising and is…

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Why Quads Matter in ACL Rehabilitation

This piece was originally written for Premax’s blog and shared here with permission – Enjoy the read! As a person works their way through ACL…

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When can I Return to Sport after ACL Injury?

This was originally posted on Mick Hughes’ blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! This question is one that I get asked often by…

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Functional hamstring rehabilitation

This was originally posted on Tom Goom’s blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! A little while ago I posted the video below on…

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