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Reasoning Dosage for Persistent Pain: An update.

We’ve all seen that familiar face pulled by people living with persistent pain who are being asked to exercise for the first time. Exercise can…

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What 3 Hybrid Physical Therapists and Strength Coaches Want You to Know About Pain, Exercise, & Movement

If there’s one thing the media (social media in particular) has taught us, it’s that everyone has an opinion on everything. It’s become frighteningly easy…

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Pain Education – How much neuroscience do you really need?

Pain education has for many become an integral part of the treatment process and rightly so, being able to help people understand what is happening…

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All you ever wanted to know about back pain

Both misunderstood and mismanaged, low back pain is a huge source of suffering for many people worldwide. Here’s the up-to-date knowledge on the condition and…

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Cognitive Functional Therapy

I recently attended the third annual San Diego Pain Summit (I’ve been to all three!) and was fortunate to be the patient demo for Peter O’Sullivan‘s Cognitive Functional…

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