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How long does Achilles tendinopathy take to get better?

“How long is this going to take?” is the BIG question a lot of those suffering from Achilles tendinopathy want to know the answer to….

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Diagnosing painful musculoskeletal conditions: Is it absolutely necessary?

No one likes being in constant pain and often pain has an accompanying diagnosis to go along with it. In many cases this is absolutely…

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Corrective exercise: what are we correcting?

For some reason I keep receiving emails extoling the virtues of ‘corrective exercise’. Whenever I hear the term ‘corrective exercise’ the question that always pops…

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Myth Busting Adhesions

Today we’ve got you one incredible article from my friend Jon Hodges of Nevada PT. Whether you are a coach, clinician, or just someone who…

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What Stretching DOES and DOES NOT Do

When it comes to programming safe and effective exercise in training and rehabilitation plans, stretching has a long history a being staple. Some rehab and…

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