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An Update on Diagnosing SLAP tears

Diagnosing a SLAP tear is not easy We hear a lot about trying to diagnose shoulder pain and to be as specific as possible. It’s…

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ACL tears and bone bruises

Research Review Not sure if you saw my recent post on social media about bone bruises after an ACL tear so I wanted to discuss…

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Bone Stress Injury with Stuart Warden

Our Great Expectations series has been really popular with over 2000 reads already! Next in the series we have a bit of a hero of…

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Sleep your way to better recovery

I love sleep. Few things make you feel better and more refreshed than a good night’s rest. It should be common sense then that sleep…

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Hanging for Shoulder Health and Function

If I had to pick one physical activity that is healthy for human beings, and which they don’t do very much, it would be hanging….

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Stitches: a real pain in the side

The dreaded side stitch, it feels like it can attack at any time, and often results in the sufferer, gasping for air and keeling over…

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Case Study: Myositis Ossificans – Deadlegs aren’t just for the playground

Whether you call them a “dead leg” or a “Charlie horse” or a “cork thigh” chances are we have all had one. Mostly from the…

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10 Recommendations To Thrive With Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a prevalent health issue. Despite a diagnosis of arthritis of the knee, the majority of you can live an active,…

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The Serious Consequences of Recovery From Surgery and Inactivity

Injuries happen. Planned or unplanned surgery might put us in bed for a while. Do you really need that brace? What are the consequences of…

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