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Thoracic Spine Exercise Prescription

This blog is a shortened version of a review from the June 2020 issue of Physio Network and highlights a study on “Thoracic Spine Exercise…

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Practice Template

One of the great things about the modern PT student is their level of education. Current programs, with the occasional unfortunate exception, do a pretty…

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Should Everyone Squat the Same?

“Textbook form” dictates that you should set up for a squat with your feet shoulder width apart and toes flared out 30°. You should squat…

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Seven Pathways For Getting Out of Pain

There are MANY different options for treating common musculoskeletal pains. For example, back pain is often treated with stretching, strengthening, motor control, massage, yoga, etc….

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Exercise Induced Analgesia

Why does exercise make you feel good? The popular idea is that exercise gives you “endorphins,” and this explanation is actually not far from the…

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Below you will see a picture from a 2007 handout I would give for talks about running injuries and stretching. I had been anti-stretching for…

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Open-chain exercises after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

A recent study sought to review the literature on the use of open chain exercises post ACL reconstruction. What you’ll read below is actually a…

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How long does Achilles tendinopathy take to get better?

“How long is this going to take?” is the BIG question a lot of those suffering from Achilles tendinopathy want to know the answer to….

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Diagnosing painful musculoskeletal conditions: Is it absolutely necessary?

No one likes being in constant pain and often pain has an accompanying diagnosis to go along with it. In many cases this is absolutely…

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