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Predictive Coding: Why Expectation Matters for Movement and Pain

Predictive coding is a fascinating model for perception that I have been studying lately. In some ways it is very common sense and intuitive, and…

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Plantar Heel Pain: How you treat it may not be evidence based

Plantar heel pain (PHP) is by far the most common condition presenting to podiatrists and physios, so much so that many are now calling it…

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The 10 great running myths!

A little while ago, Competitor magazine ran an article entitled “The 10 Biggest Myths About Running” The full article can be read here, but I…

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How to Eliminate your Student Loan Debt

Our Nation is $1.5 trillion in Student Loan Debt, only falling second in line to mortgage debt. Pretty much anyone reading this has fallen subject…

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5 reasons to heel strike!

I continue to read that heel striking is bad for you. Here are 5 reasons, based on science, it simply.. is not! As always.. please…

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A Review of Core Stability Training in Rehab: Facts, Fallacies and Future Directions

Over the last two decades one of the most popular forms of exercise in the health and fitness industry is core stability training. While the…

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Tissue Changes & Pain: Explaining their relevance

Structure is not Destiny…but it still might be important. We know that degenerative changes can exist on a spinal MRI and people can have no…

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Physiotherapy for Hypermobility…and some personal thoughts

When I was still a physiotherapy student almost ten years ago, I don’t remember being taught much about hypermobility. At most we were shown a…

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When Are Specific Physical Interventions Needed To Treat Pain?

The Challenge The low back pain literature suggests that a specific intervention (e.g motor control exercises, targeted strengthening etc) are no more effective than general…

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