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Copenhagen Hip Adduction Exercise: The Science and Unique Variations

It’s common for personal trainers, strength coaches, athletes and exercises enthusiasts alike to regularly use exercises that focus on training the hip abductors (i.e., the…

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Burpees Aren’t a Bad Exercise! The Practical & Scientific Reasons Why

Many personal trainers and strength coaches argue that the Burpees exercise is bad or inherently dangerous. I’m not one of them. In this post I’m…

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Box Jumps: 6-Phase Jumping and Landing Progression

I’ve developed and use the following 6-phase box jump and landing exercise progression. That said, for coaching all exercises, I use the same process popularized…

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Push to Pull Strength Ratio: Should You Pull Double What You Press?

For the last few years now I’ve been teaching a workshop called Better Back Rows, which is all about helping fitness professionals understand how to…

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Corrective exercise: what are we correcting?

For some reason I keep receiving emails extoling the virtues of ‘corrective exercise’. Whenever I hear the term ‘corrective exercise’ the question that always pops…

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Myth Busting Adhesions

Today we’ve got you one incredible article from my friend Jon Hodges of Nevada PT. Whether you are a coach, clinician, or just someone who…

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What Stretching DOES and DOES NOT Do

When it comes to programming safe and effective exercise in training and rehabilitation plans, stretching has a long history a being staple. Some rehab and…

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An Update on Diagnosing SLAP tears

Diagnosing a SLAP tear is not easy We hear a lot about trying to diagnose shoulder pain and to be as specific as possible. It’s…

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ACL tears and bone bruises

Research Review Not sure if you saw my recent post on social media about bone bruises after an ACL tear so I wanted to discuss…

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