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5 Running Mistakes to Avoid

Classical running goals may include: achieving personal best times (PBs or PRs), running a certain event (eg the debut marathon), qualifying for an event (eg…

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Inspiring Women In PT: Jo Gibson

After the world celebrated international women’s day last week, we thought it might be timely to release an initiative we’ve been working on for a…

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Prediction of Running-Induced Achilles Tendinopathy

Ebonie Rio is a world-renowned tendon expert, and part of the Physio Network team. She and other experts analyse and summarise the latest and most…

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Bring focus To The Interaction

It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog post and I’d like to thank the Physio Network for inviting me to contribute. In this…

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Why A Quad Index Matters

This was originally posted on Erik Meira’s blog and shared here with permission – enjoy! I test the quads on every knee patient who is…

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What We Know About Blood Flow Restriction Training

‘Blood flow restriction’ is a term that physios have become more and more aware of over the last decade, and for legitimate reasons. There are…

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ACL Coping – We Need To Do Better

Hopefully by now you know that reconstruction is not the only way to deal with ACL injuries. There is robust evidence to show that those…

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“What Running Shoes Do You Think I Should Buy?”

Pseudoscience is rife in the sporting world, with no better example than the myths and fallacies surrounding the not so humble running shoe. Mountains of…

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What Physios Should Know About Strength & Conditioning

As a strength and conditioning coach I have had experience working in a range of different environments, from working with general population doing personal training,…

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