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Why should exercises be pain-free? Part 1 – pain and biomechanics

Introduction The blog aims to take a look at exercise prescription for MSK pain. Why do we prescribe exercises the way we do? What does…

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Dual Tasking – Why Would I Intentionally Distract My Patient?

In our data and media-driven world, the concept of multitasking has regressed from being perceived to be a character trait or capacity of “strength”, to…

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Concussion Rehabilitation: Individualizing Our Intervention

We now understand universally that a concussion should be defined as a mild traumatic brain injury. A commonality amongst all concussions, is that the injuries…

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Loss of extension after ACL surgery: How to assess for a cyclops lesion

Loss of extension after an ACL reconstruction can be debilitating for the patient. It’s not as common as you would think but I see it…

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Anterior Knee Pain – A Test for Fat Pad Irritation

We as physical therapists are constantly seeing patients with anterior knee pain with a very vague history. Often times, there’s not a specific onset or…

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Is Early Physical Therapy Safe After a Rotator Cuff Repair?

Physical therapy is vital after a rotator cuff repair and continues to be common in an outpatient setting. Unfortunately, there’s no true consensus on when…

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What advice would you give your former physiotherapist self?

We asked different physiotherapists this question, and here’s what they had to say: Peter O’Sullivan Listen carefully, care deeply, question everything, be inquisitive, be brave…

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Have the butt muscles of the world gone silent?

From my extremely unscientific observation it appears that 67-74% of my patients have been told their glutes are inhibited and don’t work properly. It seems…

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The REAL Truth About Pain Science & Body Mechanics: A Response to Criticism

Joel Seedman, a personal trainer, recently wrote an article called the The Truth about Pain Science and Biomechanics, which presents a lengthy attack on “pain…

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